Trust the Top Reviewed Criminal defence Law Firm in Norwich

Specialist Theft & Fraud Solicitors

If you or your business is suspected of a financial crime, advice and representation from lawyers with expertise in this field is essential.

We are specialist solicitors with considerable experience built up over several decades, handling cases in East Anglia and nationwide involving:

  • Theft from Employer
  • False accounting
  • Possessing criminal property
  • Handling stolen goods
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Theft in breach of trust
  • Shoplifting

Reputational damage can have a devastating effect on a business or individual so, if you are being investigated by the authorities or face prosecution, contact us straight away.  Cases involving theft or fraud can often take many months or even years to come to trial.  Our involvement at an early stage may make all the difference in bringing the investigation to a swift and successful conclusion. 

Cases involving allegations of theft or fraud are often complex.  Our experience tells us that careful and meticulous preparation is key to success and we have a proven track record defending such cases.

I was facing one of the worst situations in my life. Matt and Dave helped me unconditionally and gave the best possible advice and guidance. I want to thank both of them for their service and I highly recommend them.


I had David help me with some legal advice and representation. And as someone who’s never been in a situation that has required this, I can say that David went above and beyond to explain and guide me without impatience or frustration. Will definitely use him and the firm for future legal aid.


Gina represented me earlier this week and was an absolute superstar. I was very nervous as it was a first offence and not only did she reassure me and calm me down, she helped me to get the best possible outcome from my own stupid mistake. I can’t thank her enough.