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Costs and Service Information - Summary Motoring Offences Regulation


Belmores Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  The SRA Transparency Rules require that we publish price and service information for summary motoring offences dealt with at a single hearing.

Summary Motoring Offences

Summary motoring offences can only be dealt with by a Magistrates’ Court.  Certain cases may be dealt with through the Single Justice Procedure but if disqualification is being considered or if you plead not guilty a Magistrates’ Court will be required to hear your case.  Summary motoring offences include speeding, drink and drug driving, no insurance, failing to provide driver details (S172), driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone whilst driving and failing to provide a specimen.  Legal Aid is not generally available for these types of cases. 

Who will carry out the work?

Our Director Dave Foulkes personally deals with the vast majority of our motoring cases.  At times our other Director Gina Mattioli and our Solicitor Lisa Robinson may assist and our Caseworkers John Stigwood, Laurie Cleland and our Solicitor Matt Diss may help to take instructions and prepare the case for Court. 


All employees of Belmores are supervised by Director Dave Foulkes.

Our Qualifications

Belmores holds Lexcel accreditation which is the Law Society’s Quality Mark awarded to organisations demonstrating excellence in legal practice.

Director Dave Foulkes is a Solicitor.  Dave who qualified in 1990 specialises in Magistrates’ Court work although as a Higher Rights Advocate he may also appear in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.  

Dave joined Belmores in 1991 and has specialised in criminal defence work throughout his career. 

Director Gina Mattioli qualified in 2020 and Solicitor Lisa Robinson qualified in 2016. Gina and Lisa appear in the Magistrates Court daily representing clients facing a range of criminal charges. Solicitor Matt Diss, qualified in 2023.

Caseworkers John Stigwood and Laurie Cleland have a wealth of experience between them seeing clients, taking instructions, advising and preparing cases for Court.

Our Experience

As solicitors specialising in criminal defence and road traffic cases we have considerable expertise, dealing with a wide range of cases on a daily basis. We cover Courts throughout East Anglia but nationally as well. Motorists come to us because of our proven success in helping to keep them on the road.

Dave Foulkes is recognised for his meticulous preparation and attention to detail. He is a popular advocate who always demonstrates great determination to ensure that his clients achieve the desired result. 

To quote the Legal 500 ‘Dave is trusted to get results’. Have a look at our reviews on Google Review – they are 100% independent and speak for themselves.

Our Charging Rates

Our hourly rates, which are reviewed each year in June, are set out below.  We work in six minute units and routine letters out and telephone calls made and received are charged as one unit each.

Dave Foulkes
per hour + VAT
Gina Mattioli
per hour + VAT
Lisa Robinson
per hour + VAT
Matt Diss
per hour + VAT
John Stigwood
per hour + VAT
Laurie Cleland
per hour + VAT

Our Range of Fees

Generally our fees for dealing with a summary motoring case to include representation at a single hearing at Norwich Magistrates Court will range from £780.00 to £1625.00.  VAT of 20% is payable on top.  

For cases requiring representation at Magistrates Courts in Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn or Ipswich our fees will range from £780.00 to £1950.00.  VAT of 20% is payable on top.  In addition we charge expenses of travel such as mileage at 45 pence per mile and car parking which are both subject to VAT at 20%.  Alternatively we may charge for travel by train.  VAT is not payable on train fares.

We also deal with cases throughout England and Wales and we are happy to travel to ‘away’ courts.  For cases requiring representation at a Magistrates Court outside Norfolk or Suffolk our fees will range from £975.00 to £3250.00.  VAT of 20% is payable on top as well as travel expenses set out above and VAT as appropriate.  If an overnight stay is required we will also charge for the cost of accommodation reasonably incurred.  The increased level of fees reflects the extra travel time involved.

The range of fees set out above is on the assumption of a guilty plea but will include putting forward an exceptional hardship argument if this is required.

How is the fee calculated?

The fee is calculated on the basis of the time expected to be taken for taking instructions, advising, preparation and attendance at Court including travel and waiting time and letters and telephone calls.

What does the fee include?

  • Taking instructions;
  • Advising in relation to plea and likely sentence;
  • Considering evidence;
  • Where appropriate, advice on whether an exceptional hardship, or special reasons argument should be made;
  • Representation at a single hearing;
  • Travel, waiting, letters and telephone calls.

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