Do you have questions?

What sort of work do you deal with?

As specialist criminal defence solicitors, we cover every type of criminal offence.

Do you specialise in any particular type of offence?

As well as providing representation for all types of offences, please see the specialist areas we cover such as sexual offences, domestic violence, road traffic offences and regulatory offences.

Do you provide representation at police interviews?

Yes. For any police interview at the police station under arrest or on a voluntary basis you can choose your own solicitor.  We provide cover 24 hours a day, every day.

What does it cost for representation at a police interview?

Nothing. Under the legal aid scheme advice, representation and attendance is free for everyone.

Do you provide Legal Aid for the Magistrates and Crown court as well?

For Magistrates’ Court cases you will get Legal Aid for solicitors’ fees provided that you pass a means test and a merits test.  Legal Aid is available for most Crown court cases provided that your annual disposable household income does not exceed £37,500 but you may have to pay a contribution.

Can I pay privately for you to represent me?

Yes. Director Dave Foulkes handles all of our private work. Our client information and terms of business document sets out our fees and we will provide a full estimate when you instruct us.

Are you really available 24/7?

We provide round the clock representation for all police interviews. As well as this, Director Dave Foulkes can be contacted outside office hours on 07887 930442 to answer general enquiries and accept new instructions.

You are based in Norwich but do you take on cases outside of Norfolk?

Certainly. Most of our work is in Norfolk and Suffolk but we also provide representation at police stations and courts throughout East Anglia and beyond.

Are you any good?

We let our results and our clients’ satisfaction speak for themselves. Have a look at our Google Reviews for an impartial opinion.

What sort of motoring offences do you deal with?

The most common ones are drink driving and speeding but we deal with all types of road traffic offences including failing to provide driver details, drug driving, careless driving, dangerous driving and serious offences involving death.

I am suspected of committing a motoring offence. What should I do?

Contact us. The sooner we are involved the better. Even at the roadside if it is safe to do so. The tactical decisions made at the outset often dictate the outcome. So, if you have been stopped by the police or if you have received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP), contact us.

How do I reply to SJP paperwork?

Each case is different and requires careful consideration. We are experts at filling in forms under the Single Justice Procedure (SJP). Time is of the essence so contact us immediately and we will be able to help.

How much will it cost for you to defend me for a motoring offence?

Our fees for providing advice and representation for motoring and road traffic offences are set out in the costs section of our website.

I have to go to Court for a criminal offence and don’t know what to do.

We are specialist criminal defence lawyers. Contact us during office hours on 01603 499999 or outside office hours call our director Dave Foulkes on 07887 930442. We will be able to help.

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