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A surprising number of people do not ask for a solicitor at the police investigation stage.  In our experience what a suspect says or does not say at interview will often determine the outcome.  Specialist legal advice and representation is essential. 

Anyone who is interviewed by the police under arrest or as a volunteer is entitled to free legal advice.  This is not restricted to advice from a duty solicitor, you can ask for a solicitor of choice and many of our clients do just that.  We have a dedicated team of solicitors and police station advisors available all day, every day, during the evening, night-time and weekends.  We provide a 24 hour service, unlike some of our competitors who will not attend interviews at night.

Interview following arrest

Remember, if you are arrested it is likely that you will be interviewed by the police.  The interview is an opportunity for the police to gather evidence but equally it is an opportunity for you to put forward a defence.  A member of our specialist team will attend in person, obtain disclosure from the police and advise you before, during and following interview.  Important decisions need to be made quickly and our lawyers will guide you through the process which may be unfamiliar and frightening to you.  It is essential for you to have someone on your side to advise you whether to answer questions, submit a prepared statement or make no comment

Voluntary interview

Do not be fooled!  This is not simply a chat, whatever the location.  Any interview will be under caution and could be used in evidence if the case goes to Court.  We can provide free, expert legal advice for any interview conducted by the police.  The interview may be at a police station, at your home or even at the roadside in the back of a police vehicle.  Our team is available 24/7.

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I was facing one of the worst situations in my life. Matt and Dave helped me unconditionally and gave the best possible advice and guidance. I want to thank both of them for their service and I highly recommend them.


I had David help me with some legal advice and representation. And as someone who’s never been in a situation that has required this, I can say that David went above and beyond to explain and guide me without impatience or frustration. Will definitely use him and the firm for future legal aid.


Gina represented me earlier this week and was an absolute superstar. I was very nervous as it was a first offence and not only did she reassure me and calm me down, she helped me to get the best possible outcome from my own stupid mistake. I can’t thank her enough.