An accident in the workplace or a breach of health and safety regulations can lead to investigation and prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authority or Police. Health and safety issues can affect any employer or employee. Immediate decisive action is essential and our specialist team will guide you through every aspect from initial accident, inspection or complaint through to resolution.

Breaking health and safety laws can have serious consequences. For certain offences, the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court can impose unlimited fines. The most serious offences may attract a prison sentence.

Workplace incidents have potentially far-reaching consequences for both businesses and individuals. If you or your company find yourself under investigation or facing prosecution we can help; contact us and our specialist team will guide and assist you through the process and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our team can provide expert advice on:

  • Investigations and interviews under caution (24 hours a day)
  • Regulation breaches
  • Improvement or prohibition notices
  • Prosecutions, including corporate and gross negligence manslaughter
  • Representation at Coroner’s Courts

Many businesses will not have been investigated by the authorities before. An investigation into an accident or other breach is likely to be extremely worrying for the individuals concerned. Instructing solicitors like Belmores, who have a proven track record and expertise with such cases, is essential.