Whatever the allegation; theft, assault, drugs, robbery or even murder, we are here to help and provide a Criminal Defence Service and expert advice when you most need it. We have dedicated teams dealing with Police Station Work, Youth Court, Magistrates’ Court cases, Crown Court cases and Courts Martial.

Police Investigations

If you are under investigation by the Police or other statutory authority, getting the correct legal advice from criminal defence solicitors at the outset is essential.

The tactical decisions made at this stage often determine the outcome. If you are interviewed by the Police, either under arrest or as a volunteer, the advice you receive from us will be free under the legal aid scheme.

We undertake duty solicitor work but many of our clients prefer to instruct us as their solicitor of choice. Advice and representation is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Magistrates’ Court Youth Court

Our two directors, Dave Foulkes and Simon Nicholls appear in Magistrates’ Courts daily, dealing with all types of criminal cases both legal aid and privately funded. Top-quality representation is provided by experienced solicitors with proven track-records. Our tactical decision-making is second to none, ensuring the very best representation.

Crown Court

We regularly deal with serious and complex cases in the Crown Court including sexual offences, serious violence, theft, robbery and drugs. Working in conjunction with experienced Barristers, we provide the highest quality advice and representation when it is most needed. As Legal Aid Solicitors, we hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency, and it is available for most Crown Court cases. Acquitted defendants must be able to show that they applied for, and were refused, Legal Aid if they are to recover any of their defence costs.